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This hamster is chomping on candy corn. I made this magnet with shrinky dinks.

These hamsters are in love! I made this keychain myself out of shrinky dinks. I sell it on Etsy at HeadOverHamsters! Here’s the link:
My hamster ring has been featured in this treasury that includes many wonderful summer gifts for her.
I made this hamsters in love necklace myself out of shrinky dinks. One hamster is giving the other a kiss and they are surrounded by a heart. I sell it on Etsy. Here’s the link:
Watch this superhero hamster fly! I made this magnet by hand by drawing on shrinky dinks. This hamster will fly across your fridge. I sell it on Etsy. Here’s the link:
I made this hamster keychain myself from shrinky dinks plastic! The hamster enjoys eating her cupcake. It looks like the hamster image is under a glass-like surface.
Cute creamsicle colored hamster earrings. I made the hamsters myself out of shrinky dinks. I drew them by hand and they shrank in the oven!
This little hamster loves to play the saxophone. He’s closing his eyes and feeling the beat. I made this saxophone hamster keychain by hand using shrinky dinks.
Find him here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/98194502/animal-keychain-hamster-saxophone-key
This cute little hamster is digging right in to this cupcake! I made this hamster necklace myself using shrinky dinks. It was fun! I’m selling it on Etsy for only 12.95.


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