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This hamster is chomping on candy corn. I made this magnet with shrinky dinks.

Cinderella hamster. Ring is to human as crown is to hamster. So cute that small things to us are big things to hamsters.
This hamster is popping her head out of a pumpkin to wish you a “Happy Halloween”. She’s my second needle felting project. I took the needle and poked some roving wool until it became denser and took the shape of a hamster in a pumpkin! 
I always knew I was royalty!
I made this bikini wearing hamster figurine myself out of polymer clay. I sell her on HeadOverHamsters on Etsy. Here’s the link.
I made this Hawaiian hamster necklace myself out of polymer clay! I sell it at HeadOverHamsters on Etsy.
Funny hamster face!


A hula dancing hamster! I made her myself using polymer clay. I sell her on Etsy:
Hamster dance Hawaiian style!
My cherries!
Watch this superhero hamster soar! I made this superhero hamster keychain myself using shrinky dinks! I sell it on Etsy along with other hamster items.


About me

Lover of Hamsters and all animals. Owner of hamster themed Etsy store:

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